Monday, March 16, 2009

Why the last post is important

Well, I vented about how I feel I have been treated by my former employer, Delphi/Delco/GM. It's kind of ironic that GM didn't need anymore money due to some obligations that mysteriously went away after a bankruptcy judge in New York sided with Delphi on the issue of Salaried Retires health care obligations. By the way, now Delphi wants to sue the retirees for $20 million because the retirees are trying to appeal the decision of the courts. Isn't this what the courts are for, you file something against me and if I don't like the judgement then I file back to fore stall the outcome or maybe to get it reversed.

If companies like Lehman Brothers and other credit institutions had not falsified information thus helping the greedy banks make more money on the investors money and we had not had this collapse, car sales might still be up enough that Delphi would still have enough business to not be able to show justice in what they are asking for. Maybe they should sue the banks. There is a blog that I think everyone should read. Read his background and look at his artwork but mainly, read his postings. Especially the ones on his views of the credit mess. If you have followed this market or lack there of, you will understand where he is coming from and how we got where we are today.

In Automobile Magazine there is an article by Ezra Dyer called Dyer Consequences and subtitled "I AM THE CZAR: A TEN POINT PLAN TO FIX ALL THAT AILS THE INDUSTRY". Point number 3 is as follows: "We should allow giant investment banks to increase their leverage to thirty times their capital, and ratings agencies will get paid by the companies they're rating, conflict of interest that provides incentive to drastically underestimate the risk associated with mortgage-backed securities, thus contributing to a speculative bubble that unrealistically inflates personal wealth. Voila`! Everyone buys cars....What? We already tried that?" Here's a writer in a car magazine that gets the big picture. Why can't congress get it right. Give big bucks to the banks and insurance companies and yell at the auto industry.

I have a couple of pre-existing conditions that the insurance companies just laugh at and say sorry for your luck. Delphi has been kind enough, LOL, to offer to let me 'pay as I go' for my health care and the wife's. When all is said and done it will come to about $1493 a month. If this isn't bad enough they gave us less than 30 days to look around and make decisions. For me it was cut and dry. For others that have no issues that they know of, until the insurance company looks into their backgrounds, they need time to digest what is available. Once you make the decision you cannot express mail or certify your mail to them. They stated they couldn't guarantee the receipt. After 3/27/09 anything received is voided. You could fax it and then call 24 hrs. later to confirm that they received it. Only problem is they posted the wrong number so some didn't go through until there was a correction sent out.

Still more confusion, I got a health card today, only one. I called and the insurance company said that I was the only one listed. I called back to the National Benefit Center and they told me that they had my fax and that it had not been reviewed so they had no idea as to what the card was for. I called the insurance again and they said it was for me and that the wife was good until only 4/1/09. After explaining to them that this could not be related to my 'pay as you go' decision I got "well this was started in January". That tell me that Delphi knew what they were going to do before I got my 'Dear John' letter in February.

I got my last ditch effort in this past week to get all I could out of Delphi's money for my health care. Wasn't by choice. I had my pace maker replaced because the batteries ran out. All day affair but all is better now. Two days ago I thought I would get some more for the money. I had an issue with chest pain, super headache, light headed and nausea. Went into emergency, x-ray's, two CT scans one of the head (didn't find anything there) and then of the chest since I have an aneurysm in the upper loop and they were thinking the possibility of it dissecting. Found I had a spot of pneumonia in my lungs. Here, take these pills and call your doctor on Monday. Have no idea as to what brought this on but it wasn't pneumonia. Bottom line, all is back to normal. It's is just that I knew it was coming and I'm glad I got it over with before something got all screwed up like the insurance cards this morning.

Great day. Suns out and the window is open. It's TDW.........Top Down Weather. I hear the Miata now.