Saturday, August 13, 2016

Back To The Project

Been a little busy lately so I haven't been working on my latest project.  As I asked earlier, can you guess what it is.  Hint.....made of wood.  There were all kinds of parts in one of the posts on this but the actual parts were hidden amongst the spare or left over wood.

In the following pictures there is at least one that might be a give away.  Also in one of the images there is a hint in the background.

Okay, here we go.

Item one

Item two, background hint

Item three  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Coming Out of The Mist

This is a TR3 and is very rough.  Inside is in need of a total make over.  Not sure how hard it is to find parts for these cars today as they aren't the popular ones.  More sought after models have a lot of new aftermarket parts available but I guess if you know your cars of this era and make you would know what is interchangeable as well.  The TR4, 6 and 250 are literally the same car in body parts etc.

I took this picture on the fly so the original car looks like it is running downhill.  Didn't like that so I tweaked it and then decided to make it look like it was coming out of a fog and driving out of the printed picture.  There are people standing next to it and there is another Triumph parked next to it.

Back To The Healey

This is just about the mirrors that are mounted as far forward on the fenders as possible.  I took two shots for no other reason than to play around with spotting blur and clear in these iconic mirror sets.

What Does A Barn Find Look Like

According to the owner, this Triumph TR6 was worse looking when found.  He had to rebuild the engine and transmission.  It is still very rough but it did sound great as he pulled it in.  It was a semi local car being from Mechanicsburg, OH.  It must have been the ugly duckling as you can see the row behind it, starting with the blue one with the hood up, are all better looking TR4's, 6's or 250's which are pretty much the same body style.

The Austin Healey 100

This is the 100, made in the early to mid 50's.  It is the forerunner of the infamous 3000 and even more sought after MK III.  I didn't see the owner so I don't have much info on it but it was definitely a beauty.  Convertible only and the wind screen did fold up and down, there's a hand lever on both sides.  Also, notice the turn signal located at the top of the steering wheel center hub.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Police Car That Triumphs

I went to the British Car Show today, hadn't been for a couple of years and found this gentleman.  Quite the character but very friendly and informative at the same time.  This is all his work and I must say it looks good.

I will be putting more cars up later.  I just couldn't resist putting this one out there.  One thing about a car guy....ask about their ride and they will talk.  First guy we talked to, my neighbor went with me, bent our ear for about 30 minutes all while he kept detailing his Triumph 250, the upgraded TR4.

Jag's, Triumph's, Mini's (old and new), MG's, Sunbeam's (Tigers and Alpines) plus a few that slipped in of the "other makes".

I also learned that there is a one of the kind in the country British Transportation Museum in Dayton so now there is a Porsche museum and a Packard museum as well.