Monday, April 5, 2010

New Bird in the Neighborhood

These pictures were taken on 4/2/10 but I couldn't post them because I didn't know what the bird was.  I knew it looked like a Blue Heron and in fact it is of that family of birds.  It is referred to in different ways but they all lead up to an Egret or a White Egret or even a Great White Egret. There is a post that I follow because the gentleman that has it does real justice to photography of birds. 

Little did I know that we only lived about 4 miles apart for 22 years before I moved out of that area about 12 years ago. This is a link to Abe's site and yes, this is his real name...

Abe tells me in an email that it is mating season and that their plumage will change. In the attached link to allaboutbirds I believe you can see images of the long feather exentions.