Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Next two nights will tell

Tonight we are to get down to 36 and tomorrow night 34 degrees. I covered the plants tonight and will again tomorrow. Today we had a thunderstorm come through with something less than pea size hail. No damage that I can see but the air got considerably colder as well has the ground since ice was sitting on it for awhile. After Wed. the air temps go back into the mid 70's during the day and mid to upper 50's at night. I'll give the plants a shot of food to celebrate their survival, if they make it. There are flower buds on the peppers and tomatoes. Radishes are setting their second set of leaves and onions will be ready in another week to thin and eat.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plants in

The question is did I plant too soon. May 15th, last frost. I'll just cover them if need be. Top picture you can see the Better Girl tomato plant. Then down the left side is the chives and the a patio tomato that is just stuck in the ground for the time being and to its righ is a pair of banana pepper plants and then to the righ of the that near the side board are two plantings of Bush pickle cuccumbers. You can see the 4 types of lettuce is coming along, two types of radishes and my green onions are doing just great. Cindy bought 2 more pounds yesterday. Love having a basement, they keep real well in the dark and coolness of the basement.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

One week later

The onions are up and the radishes and lettuce have markers where the seeds are planted. Should see radishes by Monday, the lettuce shouldn't show until next weekend. Planted white and red rads and 4 types of lettuce for sandwiches and salads.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Gene and Reine stop by

Pic 1 Gene and Reine getting into my car.
Pic 2 Cindy trying to get Gene and Reine out of my car.
Pic 3 Would you let this guy drive your car.
It's his so I guess he can. It has his name on it just in case he is stopped and someone of importance asks him his name.

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Back to gardening

The box is 8' x 4' x 9" deep. Bottom left corner and two feet to the right, or half way to the right has 45 green onions planted. This space will hold in the future, two types of tomatoes, mixture of lettuce, banana peppers, radishes - red and white,and a bush type cuccumber or two. Built the frame Saturday, leveled it by digging around the edges on Sunday and put 20 - 40# bags of top soil and 3 - 40# bags of manure in today along with the onions. For recognition, Gene helped Saturday and it was all Cindy and myself today.
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Painting continues

Peach Champagne is what it is called. Thickest paint I have ever applied. No drip, wouldn't even flow back into the container. Last weekends job.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things to come

The battery is running short on the laptop so there won't be much here. Look for the square foot raised garden section. Put the frame together today with the help of Gene. Calling for rain the next couple of days. Onion sets are in the dark basement waiting to be planted. Planning on painting of second bedroom.