Friday, December 28, 2007


It has been awhile since I put anything in here. First of all, if anyone is following this blog I would like to update you on my buddy Geno (stubby) and his finger situation. It has been almost two months since he tried to become someone that could only point with their left hand or make everyone feel like he was constantly giving them the finger. Well, we had coffee yesterday and even though it was totally bandaged still I will say it looks marvelous. No blood or stains on the outside of the bandage. He even did a one finger tap dance on the table to show me it wasn't hurting quite as bad as before. I did fail to ask if he was still on the happy (V) pills but he seemed normal, well as normal as Geno can be. During our coffee break we came to the conclusion that we only have three months before we will get, at least, some top down weather. April should bring a few TDW's, anytime the sun is out and it's 50 + degrees counts.

Secondly, Steph and Greg went to York, England to visit some friends. From what I have gotten in e-mail it looks as if they are having a real good time. Their pictures are currently posted on Pat and Jamies blog, attached at the top of this site. It was different not having them here at Christmas, especially since I haven't missed one with her in 29 years. We'll celebrate next know.....pass out the gifts.

Only other thing I have done as far as the house goes is to move a switch to the otherside of the sink for the garbage disposal and convert the old switch to a receptacle. Before you had to turn on the water and then stretch 7 to 8 feet to turn on the thing and then reverse the procedure to turn it off. There was a receptacle to the left so I bought a combo switch/receptacle and installed it as well as re-routed the power to the disposal up to the new location.

Getting ready to paint again. Hopefully will post as I go.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Worth the effort

Lights are in and desk is functional. For me it is a perfect set-up. Now all I have to do is get to all those boxes of pictures and start going through them. Figuring out how I want to organize them and putting them on disc will be the hardest part. Love my new set-up and my new camera. Oh yea, I also like the new 50 watt halogens that I installed overhead. Not too bright, no glare.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sore, again.

Went to Lowe's and got receptacle, switch, covers for both and a box for the switch. Went ahead and got some more wire, need to run some more lighting and receptacles on MY side of the basement. Comes with two lights and one receptacle but this not acceptable for about 700 sq. ft. Definitely needs more lighting. Can't even make it a good workshop. The storage side, which is a tad smaller has 4 lights and 2 or 3 receptacles. Well, one wasn't there until I installed it for the water softner. Anyway, I got the lights installed for over my new work area, re-routed some power and re-located a keyless light. Also I did some more prep work for the 1/2 bath. Installed a receptacle and pre- installed the light for over the sink. I'm now waiting for my 'ole buddy "Stubby", I mean Gene to heal from a slight hand injury. All I get from him now is "I'll be 'OUCH' right with 'OUCH' you as soon 'OUCH' as this quits 'OUCH hurting". "Thank 'OUCH' God for 'OUCH' Vicadine".

Weekend project

Move my computer and related equipment to the basement. Currently it is in a spare bedroom. Bought a desk with what they call a return (side board to me) so that I can spread out my photo equipment, scanner and printer. I want to take all the hard copies of photos and scan them, put them on disk and then quite worrying about the colors fading. I think we have 6 or 8 photo boxes, like shoe boxes but 1/2 again as wide, almost full. I also ran some wire for the 1/2 bath and prepped for two recessed lights over the desk. I'm installing two 50w minature halogens that will be on their own switch so the desk area won't be wasting electricity when not in use. I'm going to look at seperating the basement lighting out for the same purpose. No need to light up all of 900 square feet when it isn't needed. Today I will finish the electric in the 1/2 bath and do some switching of some lighting in one of the storage areas.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007


The four posting below with their pictures are actually from the day before the next set of pictures. It's just that I finally learned how to put the pictures in the body part instead of just down the side and let someone open them bigger if they wanted to. I am not going to redo the entire blog. Family and friends are the only ones reading it and they understand me, so, let it stand and look forward to better images in better places. Oh yea, I also figured out how to put all the pictures as one entry instead of multiple as these four were. You can see that in the post that follows the 4 pictures of the first snow, the Frosty Morning post has all the pictures in it.

First snow

Entrance to farm down the road.
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Looking in

Couple of Doves looking in and staying warm
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The lone tree standing guard over the pond.
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A hunters blind standing empty on the side of a corn field. It hasn't been used this year. More likely it was used in the past before part of the farm was sold and now houses are too close to be useful. Not that it is needed but the geese are safer now.
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Frosty morning the day after the first snow.

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