Monday, February 25, 2013


Thanks to a friend from a photo club I belong to I learned how to transform a picture in Photoshop. I joined the club last fall and follow it on Facebook. I probably could have done it myself but he gave very simple steps, maybe 3 or 4 and left the rest to the reader. Thank you Mr. Fox. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tribute to a Great Brother

It's his birthday and his wedding anniversary. Smart man, got married on his birthday so he could remember the anniversary. Only issue here is that when we were kids he told everyone that his birthday was on Feb. 10th. That's my birthday....hope he doesn't revert back to this anytime soon.

These are over time as you can see. FL where we were born, TX then ME were he would go out with dad to hunt :-). Off to Sacramento, CA. Next row is here in OH where he is sitting at a computer scheduling his flight out. Then he's turning on the battery in his plane for departure and the last is of him parking upon arrival at another time. He's a pretty good kid brother. Wouldn't trade him for the world.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reflections of a Blue Heron

The ice is starting to give way to its liquid state around the edges so a Blue Heron decided to visit and try its luck at fishing for a meal. Missed it on camera but I did witness two catches. There is very little disturbance in the water as it moves creating an almost mirrored reflection.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Frosty Morning

I bet the weathermen and women were jumping for joy yesterday as they all proclaimed that it would start snowing around noon and it did. Then they predicted that it would quite but start up again in the late afternoon and it did. Then they said it would be over by 9 PM and it was with only a dusting to be accounted for since the temps and sun would melt down the noon and afternoon snowfalls.

They finally said we would have a icy morning. Not too sure if I can give that one to them, looks more like a frosty one, especially since the roads that got sprayed with the brine mixture were dry.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Morning Glory

As day breaks the sun has to compete with the clouds. Hopefully it's warmth will be allowed through on this February morning.

The snow that was here for two weeks has gone and we are starting to see more sun, somewhat of a sign that the transition from hard winter to the end of winter may be starting to progress. Steady mid thirty degree temps is a good sign too.

There's warmth in these clouds.

Friday, February 8, 2013

This was the treat of the day when my wife took me out for my birthday lunch yesterday. I never have desert out but I can't resist chocolate gnauch over flowerless chocolate cake on raspberry sauce with black raspberries and strawberries with a sprig of mint.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Bridge From Long Ago

This is a bridge in what is called Eastwood Park. There was a quarry on part of its ground that has been turned into a lake where Speed Boats were raced annually. Today it is used for sailing and kayaks on certain days and power boats on others. The park part where there are roads and trees and inlets of water have these bridges in it that serve as vehicle bridges as well as pedestrian, this one being a foot bridge. Canoes and kayaks are seen in here all the time. I took this last August when the annual British Car Show was held. Some 300+ British cars were presented to people to see in various stages of both parts cars to Concours' De`Elegance versions. All free to the public. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Limitations, Thank Goodness for Good Neighbors

It's always good to have good neighbors anytime, however, as you get older and restricted on your abilities either through your own knowledge of your limitations or those of a doctor it becomes even more important at certain times of the year. This is mine. About half my age, boy do I wish I was back there, and no restrictions. Just so you know, I'm not that old, at least that what it says in my bio but there are a couple of doctors and the boss who say I have limitations.


Quarterly Trip

This is the view heading south on Brown St. in the University of Dayton area in Dayton, OH. Quarterly I make a trip to downtown Dayton for a meeting. Forty plus years ago, as it is in other cities small or large, it was common to make a trip down or up town to shop, see a movie and maybe have dinner. Today the largest activity is right in the middle of Dayton where the buses make their loop from the suburbs and the passengers make their transfers to other suburbs.

The top picture is coming into the business part of Brown Street. This area is where the college kids hang out in their favorite spots to eat or just gather. The bottom picture is in the hang out area. First business on the right with the red sign is Cassano's Pizza House. They've been here for over 50 years.