Sunday, September 23, 2012

Posted Before

Just wanted to re-post a picture I put up 9/17/12. I had one comment and it was true to the point. I got the corn too orange but I will say the greens were too green. It was just the affect of how it turned out as I learned something. Looking back at it Birdman was so correct in his interpretation. This is the same photo with a new twist. Mind you, this is a sunrise shot and it was bright, looking into the sun about 9

Friday, September 21, 2012

This Is Not Karma

I volunteered to help, I actually started the darn thing, clean up and haul away debris from a foreclosed property two doors up and across the street from me. It has been vacant for a year plus. Chase Bank owns it and pays to mow it only and hasn't even put it on the market yet. Clean up didn't take long but my poor truck paid for my volunteering efforts. Truck, 2011 Toyota Tacoma purchased in April of 2010 that has only 2300 miles on it. (Used sparingly) Today I get to go and find out how much my good deed is going to cost ME! Ouch!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Warm Water with Cold/Chilly Air Equals

This combination happens every fall. It causes the steam or fog to rise from the local lakes and ponds. We get lucky to see it because the sun comes up on the east side of the pond from our house. We have two ponds with a road separating them, the larger one is on our side which is where the duck in the photo is and the water and fog is. The smaller pond is on the other side and more near the farm field. Large pond pushes water into the small pond and if the level rises enough it releases water down to what is known hear as the Little Sugar Creek. It's for flood control.

Lonely Duck on Pond

Fog on Pond

Fog Lifting From Pond

Monday, September 17, 2012

Working With Images

I took these two photos a couple of days ago on different days not knowing exactly why or what I was going to do with them. This morning I decided to try some different approaches to editing them. First obstacle is the sun, it's in my face. Second is my lack of imagination so I wasn't sure how to approach them. As I worked on each photo I kind of fell into clarity and impact on the first one and haziness on the second. With the clarity/impact I thought it showed that the day was going to be a good day and with haziness my thoughts led to the future and the harvest. See what you think.

It's going to be a brilliant day!

The Harvest Is Coming Soon

Friday, September 14, 2012

September Fogs in Ohio

Fog in Ohio is very common in Ohio during the months of September and October but more likely in September. We recently had a couple of mornings where some school districts were on the 1 or 2 hour delay. Here in the Dayton area the buses ran on time to no joy of the kids I'm sure.

Foggy pickup

Get'em there safely

There's the your job

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Strangest weather I've seen. So hot all summer with little to no rain and it's only the first of September. 90 degrees tomorrow with and high humidity. Fog is setting in tonight. I got this picture of the tree in the back that is turning colors. I just happened to catch the water sitting on the deck railing.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just Let It Rain

It has been dry here pretty much all summer. Last night we got our first rain from Isaac with more scheduled today but the larger amounts starting Sunday and running up to maybe Monday. Forecast from the guessers (weathermen) is 2" to 5". Depends on where you live, hahaha. It's like in the winter, if you live north of I-70 then you will get more snow, now it's rain. We may have flooding.....maybe......depends on how fast it comes down. Bottom line, we need rain and everyone knows that you will get what you get and a county over may get more or less. Oh, and as far as flooding goes, if you dump a bucket of water on the ground it will run to other places but if you slowly poor it out it will get to soak in, no matter how dry or wet the ground it.

Just let it rain.

On a side note, the corn in the distance looks like this should be the end of October where you go to get stalks for decorations.