Saturday, September 28, 2013

Morning Fog

Earlier this morning there was a photo opp that my wife woke me up for. These are a couple of pics of some ducks taking off into the light of the sun and fog. They go eat breakfast some place else and then return for the day. I was literally looking pretty much directly into the sun. In less than 5 minutes the sun was up high enough to make the fog off the pond negligible. Thought a ND filter would have been nice but....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It Rained Last Night

We got three inches of rain last night hence, no Harvest Moon shot.  Tonight it is crystal clear.  Some  members in a photo club,,  I belong to have some super long lenses or lenses with teleconverters where they can get great details of the moon.  I don't have but one lens, an 18mm-270mm Tamron, so I figure if you can't join them in detail then go in the opposite direction.  At 18mm this is what I got.  Also picked up the drapery reflection as well has my hand over the tower in the distance.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Ready for Fall

This is from a Smoke Tree that I have trimmed to a bush.  The light was very low when I took this, nearly *8 PM.  I made my 18 - 270mm lens into a macro shooting at 270mm  1/60 shutter speed, f-6.3 and the ISO was 3200.  I accepted the fact that I would have some graininess, I actually wanted it.  What I really liked was how the sun, just a spot of light, caught the leaves.  By the way, I don't use a flash.  Only flash I have is the pop up on the camera and with this lens the flash is cut off.

This was the sun bouncing off the bottom of the clouds overhead.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Old Barn and Old Truck

A little Photoshop work.  A friend took this picture and I needed a something to try some texturing and what have you so I used his work.  Little crop here, some graininess there with some painting and this is what you get.  May not be for everyone but Gene, my buddy, and I like it.  May not be for everyone.


Friday, September 6, 2013

A Couple of Sunrise Shots

Been away from doing much on the Blog of late.  Bought a book on Lightroom 5 but haven't had much of an opportunity to take any shots then on day a fellow Focus Photo Club member put up a great picture of a road in the early morning where he took a great shot of the sun light coming through the trees.  This inspired me to take some photos. 

I almost lost this one with a blown out sky but was able to salvage it.  There's a little HDR thrown in and then edited to un-sharpen the effect.
This one looks like an edited on of the first but the sun would be in there.  It was taken just a few minutes earlier.  The sun rises very quickly so you have to be ready.  It would help to have two cameras set up differently, like if you wanted ND filters on like I did but things just change too fast.  So, I took an already pretty good silhouette picture and amped it up a tad.  I call this Metallic Sunrise.