Sunday, July 15, 2012


I was sitting on our deck when I took this. Clouds but still no rain. Some rain was forecast for this weekend but all we got was about a tenth of an inch. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Coopers Hawk Lunch Time

It took several hours for this to take place. Why I stood out in 90 + degree weather to take these photos is beyond me. Maybe because you just don't get to see it everyday.

A neighbor called and said we had a photo opp, a hawk was on the street light behind our houses. I figured that it would be gone before I got my camera. An hour and a half or so later I decided to call it quits. The bird had land on a wooden pole down the road and hadn't moved for quite some time.

I took something like 246 pictures in raw and it took me several days to get to and process the pictures to .jpg format so they would load here. I have a .pdf file I have sent to friends but the blog doesn't like it. The .pdf  has 51 photos. I will only put up a few in the sequence. This is an amazing bird. Now I need to take a trip to "hippyville-town lives in the '60s" Yellow Springs, OH where there is a raptor sanctuary and learning center. Some photos are gruesome to some people, sorry, but that is nature.

Click the images for a larger view.

Robin is excited about the hawk being near by.
Hawk swooping up to a roof top from a yard across the street.
Perched on the roof across the street from my house.
Leaping to flight, headed my direction.
Didn't even look for traffic was. Just swooped off the roof, down low across the road and up to its target.
Target, Robins nest in tree in my front yard. Came right over my head.
It has its prey but the Robins and Purple Martins and chasing it away.
Time to eat.
Finishing up.
The "dare" look.
Back for another young bird.
Leaving with the third and finale menu item.