Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wright B Flyer

It may be just a replica and in today's modern technology one would think that it would be safer to fly than when the Wright brothers flew it but it is still a  experimental piece of flying equipment.  You can't even say it was a mode of transportation other than the pilots did travel but mainly for their work...experimentation etc.  Approximately a year ago one of the Flyer's, yes, there is more than one, crashed killing both pilot and co-pilot.  I'm not sure what the cause was but I'm sure something was discovered.  The two pilots were the main fliers of this aircraft with many hours behind the stick.  It was used at many of the festivals around the area and anything that takes place at Wright Patterson AFB.

These were taken as flew over my house when returning from the start of the Air Force Marathon.  I missed it when it was going to the event, however, when I heard it coming back I knew I had time to get my camera as it was flying into a pretty good head wind.

Into the Light

Ever wonder where they are going? 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Shadowy Figure

No, that's not me.  Fourth to fourth-five years ago you would have found me climbing around the rafters of General Motors, Hobart Bros. etc.  Getting up there was simple, grab a beam, put your feet in the webbing and start pulling yourself up.  Once you were at I-beam level the next part was getting up and over the beam so you could stand up and walk the rafters.  GM's posts were 32' one way and 30' the other direction between the posts.  Height was 30' up.  I-beams ran post to post and on the diagonal you would have 3" x 3" angle iron.  Great but narrow walk ways for cutting corners if you needed to get o the other side.

This is my neighbor.  He's finishing off his pergola roofing....almost in the dark.  It stands 14' plus and is accessible with a ladder.  It's pretty massive....12" x 12" cedar posts.

I miss rhose days, they were fun and satisfying accomplishment wise.  Today, I just act my age and stay on the ground, working like what's referred to as a grunt.  I hand things up to those that are younger and more agile.

Way to go Chris.....

Friday, September 18, 2015

Competitors at Odds

This fight between a hawk and crow was started by, what appeared to be, the hawk.  There were three crows in the area together.  The come here all the time.  One was off someplace else and the other is just out of this shots view.  I guess the hawk was being territorial because I didn't see anything food wise that it would have wanted.  There was cawing and screeching for a bit.  The crow appeared to be the larger of the two birds but the talons of the hawk probably looked quite large as well to the crow.  Eventually the hawk flew off.

The Watchdog of the Pond and a Friend

This turtle has become the watchdog of the pond.  He perches himself upon one of the rocks and if he sees something he doesn't like he disappears into the water very quickly which warns other inhabitants in an alarm fashion.  I must admit that I have never looked it up but turtles must have the eyes of a hawk.  My deck is at least 75 yards away and he use to sink into the water as soon as I would step out.  I think he knows me now and pays no attention.  By the way he stayed in this position for a long long time.  The dark spot on its back appears to be his shell torn up or peeled up like an injury.

 This heron was cooling down very near the turtle.  No, he's not floating like a duck but rather he's just cooling off.  Taking a break from fishing.

 As you can see, he's standing up for a bit.  Guess he didn't like squatting as long as he did to cool down so he decided to stretch his legs.

 Back to squatting and looking like a deck.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

90 Degrees

Two days ago it was near 90 degrees out in September here in middle Ohio.  I say middle because we are in line with Columbus which is in the middle, we are just 100 miles west.  Today we're 30 degrees cooler with just a hint of fall showing.  We are so green for this time of the year that everything is lush like springtime.  Fall could be very interesting here in the mid west.  

This picture is just a reminder of what could be seen in just a couple of months.