Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Season Activity

Well, the summer season is coming to an end. It's the last of August, the grass is brittle and you can see the start of the change in the leaves on trees and shrubs. One hopes for a really colorful fall but you just never know what is in store in this area. We rarely get what West Virginia gets or New England but there are times we do get some very vivid colors.

The critters of the world are starting to load up for their hibernation or migration periods. Our Butterfly Bush has been loaded all year with butterflies and skippers as well as some very large black and yellow bees. I have a plant on the north side of the house that the bees really like. They don't bother you, even when I brush my arm through the plant while working in the area doesn't distract them.

Three days ago we noticed a Hummingbird out back. I had put the feeder away because I hadn't seen any and I had replaced it with a Finch feeder. I didn't think the two would get along so close. Well, I put it back up and yesterday I had three hanging around all day. Started with only one and then two and at the end of the day there were three. They are back this morning. They are roosting in the tree that the feeder is in and in a hanging pot of flowers on the deck. They are the Ruby Throat variety. So now, I will keep this feeder changed and full of nectar. Only change, I believe I will alter the color of the liquid. Doesn't matter since they are colored blind but it could make some interesting shots for the camera.

Friday, August 27, 2010


A half sized Mantis showed up on the deck the other day. They are truly and interesting insect. This reminded me that I haven't seen a Walking Stick in I don't know when. I use to find them all the time but that was in South Dakota. Didn't see Praying Mantis' until I came to Ohio. They always look like they are watching you. They cock their heads as if listening for something but I have no idea as to whether they have ears of not, my guess is not. I figure they get vibrations in the air to their antennae.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No, it doesn't have to have.....

The car of my life long dream. No, it doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles like air dams and fancy wheels. Not even a whale tale or any kind of spoiler. If it was in the 930 series, that would be nice but turbo isn't a must, however, I do believe air cooled is.  Even less than 3.0 litres is okay but the 3.0 flat 6 with a turbo has a great sound that would really make it enjoyable, but not a must. That leads to the fact that a radio isn't necessary either since all one really needs to hear is the sound of the engine.

This one would do it for me. Vertical headlights are great.

Took this picture at the Taj Ma Garaj Kruze-in at Delco Park in 2006. Today this is nearly a month long celebration of Porsche and all automobiles with races, shows, wine tasting, covered bridge trips, all to support the local Ronald McDonald House and Dayton's Children's Hospital. Thank you Mr. Dixon.

Flying Finch

They make these things called Goldfinch feeders that are like a sock in character, however, if you don't know what you are getting you will get one where the seeds fall through the holes as you fill it. The birds land on it and their movement knocks the seed out. So, what you do is invest in a tube type feeder where there is a tiny hole at each perch. The seed still comes out but in very small amounts. Another advantage is that the seed stays dry during rains where it will get very wet in the sock. I like this one so much I took a picture of it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bought My Self Something

Getting more and more into the photography thing so today I went and bought a backpack.  I must admit, there are a lot to choose from.  You can see them either in a camera shop, online at various websites or on YouTube where some individuals do personal reviews.  Some of these are actually quite helpful.

I like one and went to look at it locally but upon arriving I found that they didn't have it in stock and when check it wasn't in any of their stores in town.  Nearest one, Cleveland.  I waited until today to see it.  I also took the time to look at one that I had not seen online.  I liked it to so I had the one brought in from Cleveland so I could do the compare thing.

There were a couple of features on the newest choice that the first one didn't have, a tripod carrier and physically more space even though they were really about the same size, and the ability to become either a sling type or full backpack. 

The packs are the Clik Elite Compact Sport and the Tamrac Evolution 6.  I bought the Tamrac.