Saturday, November 28, 2015

No One Guessed What the Project Was

Only one person tried to guess on what my project was, you can see it in an earlier posting.  I couldn't put the results up until after Thanksgiving.  Our daughter has a motorcycle that she enjoys to ride so I thought I would make a bike for her to put in her office on a shelf, something she could look at on those snowy or bleak rainy days that lie ahead for the next few months.  Three types of wood, red oak, pine and I'm assuming a dark oak that I took from an old skid.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Here it is Nov. 23rd and come Thursday it is suppose to be near 60 degrees.  It can hang around all it wants, however, I do believe what we woke up to this morning is more like what is just around the corner.  Indianapolis is just a couple of hours away and they had snow yesterday.

Yes boys and girls that is ice on the pond....No Ice Skating Allowed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

From October 14th

I posted a picture of a bush and explained how it was loaded with purple berries that the birds eat in March.  You could see the berries but now that the leaves are gone you can really see how it is loaded.  Robins seem to like it the most, however I have seen smaller birds in the branches.

Such A Colorful Fall

Here it is, almost Big Bird Day....  Who would have thought that it would be so warm here and that we would have had such a colorful fall.  It proves one thing, water in the spring and summer bring on great colors in the fall.  Of course most of the trees left with colors, and leaves, are primarily Pear trees.

What Is It To Be?

My next and newest project.  Question is, what is it.  Three woods, pine, oak and cherry.  This reminds me, we had a Weeping Cherry tree removed and replaced it with a Blue Eyed Spruce.  I had them save the trunk as it was 5" to 6" in diameter and very straight.  It is in the garage drying.  I also pre-cut two limbs that were all twisted.  The limbs are going to be bird feeders.  An eye hook on one end to hang them from a tree and I drilled some holes with various sizes of forstner bits.  I guess I need to take a picture.

So, what is this?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crazy Weather.......

Yesterday we woke to dead still air that along with the temperature and humidity we had a good amount of fog.  Today we are on the leading edge of the storm that dumped snow in Colorado and tornadoes west of us.  Here are pictures of the last two mornings.