Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Not Morse Code

No, it's not dot dot dot, dash dash, dot dot dot.  It is southbound however.  I'm guessing 3 to 5 miles out.  The moon was behind it but obscured at this point by clouds....we're getting rain and then snow on Thursday.  Whoopee :-(

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Been Over A Month

It's been over a month since I last put anything up on this blog.  Why? Well as a retired guy I can say I've been busy but everyone knows that's a lie.  Busy yes, but too busy to put anything up, well, not really.  I just haven't touched the camera.  I have done some reading, read a good book on the American Indians, mainly the Comanche and how they ruled the western lands.  Boy were our forefathers of the west a bunch of a**holes.  Yes, the Indians were cruel and savage but just because your skin is white doesn't make you an angel.  Let anyone walk into your house and lets see how you react if your property is just taken away as well as your way of life.  In some cases the savages were just that but it was on both sides.  

Now I'm reading a book called Frozen In Time.  It's a World War II story about a C-53 (5 crew members), a B-17 (9 crew members) and a Coast Guard plane called a Grumman Duck (3 crew members), all trying to do rescues in Greenland.  The C-53 cargo went down first then the B-17 tried to locate it and they went down and then the Coast Guard.

My next book is Here Lies Hugh Glass but better know today as Reverent the movie.  I want to read the book first, don't know why, just do.

Between reading times I have been reorganizing my workshop.  Bought a new tool, a Joiner / Planer and found it didn't JUST fit in, it needs its own space due to the way the wood flows.  Also I found recently that when I was doing a small project for Cindy that I had to keep moving my shop vac hose from machine to machine.  Not that I don't have time but it takes time and flow away from what you're doing.  I decided to put a central system in.  I found Shop Vac has an inexpensive kit that is about $144.  I also found it on Amazon for $122 and then I found it at Sam's Club online for $82.  I bought it and set things in motion.  I did have to ad some more to this, hose and some fittings and one special hood that I mounted under my table saw.  So the project went like this....get up and eat.  Get caught up on emails, the national news (getting a big kick out of the two circus's in the political arena-scary too) and check the stock market.  Go down to the treadmill and then go into the shop until lunch.  Afternoons are open for errands, more Internet busy crap and whatever.

This is one of the pictures, kind of tells the story of our Ohio weather this year.  Two weeks ago we had temps near 70 degrees and then this past week we were in the negative numbers.  This weekend is back to the 50's and the weather people are calling it a spring feeling.  I'm sorry....there's snow on the ground and ice on the pond....the air will be cold.  Pick how you're feeling, bright and sunny or cloudy and gray.  You know the routine, click them to make them bigger.