Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Warm Turns to Cold, Turns to Ice, Turning to Snow.

So, finally it gets cold  here in the mid-west.  We've had that unusual weather this year as the rest of the nation seems to be having except ours hasn't been bad, on the contrary, it's been a relief.  Just a few days ago we were still seeing 50 degrees....in January.....I knoooowwwww.  That has changed as of this past Sunday when first it rained, not like they forecasted but some downpours.  Then, overnight, it got cold and turned to ice.  Yesterday it was very chilly and wet off and on but overnight it got colder and the rain turned to snow.  Whoopee, I got to use the snowblower.  Good exercise....no lifting.  I did six driveways and their related sidewalks then took it a step further to the main road behind our house.

So, where am I going with this, well, how about the critters outside.  In particular, the birds.  I've built a seed feeder out of an old skid wood, hung a cake feeder and took two limbs from a Weeping Cherry that was removed it the fall to use as a feeding device.  I used different sized Forstner bits to make pockets in the branches then put a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed in the holes.  My brother and I use to do this with bottle caps on a board and either peanut butter or grease drippings.  Who has that today?  Saturday I put pieces of an orange out and was surprised that it seemed to be like a Christmas present to the little feathery creatures.