Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Gift to the Birds

I have a bird feeder that looks like an old kerosene lantern, available at Lowes, that has a solar light so that a bulb is lit at night.  This part of the feeder is junk as most of the solar lights are.  Works good but there are holes around the top like the real thing.  Problem is rain can get in here and with no means of drying out the seed gets and stays wet thus plugging the feed holes.  Works fine in the summer so I will keep using it at that time of the year.

This feeder is something that I threw together for the birds.  It's open for drying and it has drain hole along two sides, you can see them on the right side.  There are four 3/4" holes in the bottom with replaceable screen material as well.  Only issue will be wind.  If this becomes an issue I will raise the sides a bit as with all drainage available this shouldn't be a problem.

So.....Merry Christmas to the birds.

No Snow

It's Christmas Eve and 53 degrees.  No snow this year.  The big guy in the red suit will be attaching his Goodyears on the sleigh runners.  I wonder if he uses Brembo brakes?  Last year we had snow on Thanksgiving and it didn't leave until late March.  Oh well, when the first ribbon comes of the first package the kids won't remember that there wasn't any snow.