Friday, August 21, 2015

A Smokey Fountain?


The other day we had a nice case of morning fog.  Didn't last long, however, as usual it didn't fail to disappoint.  Takes all the color out of the air kind of and makes lighting difficult to deal with but fun at the same time.  I decided that my first attempt with this would be a metal layer laid on top of the image and then give it some of the metal tones, almost a leathery look.  I feel it came out okay, the light spots in the metal take the place of the clouds that couldn't be seen, if they were there at all.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Ever Quick and Elusive Turtle

And now the creature of the pond that I have been trying to capture on "film" or  should I say memory card.  It likes these rocks because of the isolation, not too close to the bank and easy to slide off of if he sees something he doesn't me.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Hiding Spot

Looking at this you wouldn't think that one could hide from a turtle but believe me, it is possible.  At this point he's swimming around in the water near those orangish looking blobs to the right of the straight up blade of grass.  When I say swimming around I do mean around.  It must the something wrong with one of it's flippers as it seems to swim in circles most of the time.  When  under water it seems to go in a straight line.

Bee on a Flower

While standing in a neighbors yard and trying to get a shot of a turtle sunning its self I happened to look down and spot this flower with a bee on it.  All I did was point the lens in its direct and got real lucky.  Editing the mulch background out was done in OnOne Perfect Suite and a twist of Lightroom.