Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going for Apples

Took a small trip today to a place called The Apple Store to get apples. It one of those country market setting with a corn maze, petting zoo for the kids as well as all the fall goodies. But......NO APPLES. They will be in next week.

Friday, September 23, 2011

September Fog

Morning Fog
I looked out to the east and saw a slight haze across the ground. The brightness of the sun was minimal but within minutes the haze had become ground fog and the sun was starting cast shadows.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mid-September Shot

Two more months and 4 more shots will end my twice a month look at the sun coming up. This shot almost looks more like a sunset in some ways with the colors as they are. The sun has moved quit a few degrees south of were it was just a month ago. Amazing how it doesn't show and then all of a sudden you notice it. Interesting feature here is the heaviness of the clouds. Real thin areas are light blue and the dark areas look more ominous like storm clouds. As it turned out this day became very windy and quite chilly. We helped neighbors with a garage sale and were very cold. Temps were in the low to mid 60's but should be more like the 70's. Trees appear to be early this year, normally the changing doesn't take place until late Sept. to the early part of October.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Double Moon

I don't really like taking a picture of anything and then immediately taking the same subject and posting it again in a short time but I could resist this moon shot. What got me was how different it was from last evenings. The first was taken from my deck and this one from the window that I take my, soon to be over, monthly shots from. Another one is due in a couple of days. I shot it on ISO 1600 thus picking up some graininess. The double moon is caused by the thermopane window. A prism if you will. The actual moon is the brighter one and if you notice you can actually see the terrain in the upper moon. I presume this is caused by the lack of brightness. Moon shots are really difficult to take without a huge lens. My lens is the Tamron 18-270mm VC DiII.

So, now I promise myself that I won't take another moon shot until.....the October Harvest Moon.

Almost To Late

I forgot about the September Harvest Moon and then again last night I forgot again. I wanted to get it coming up over the horizon. Wouldn't have this picture had it not been for my wife.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yea! has a new Bamboo pen headed my way as of about 4 PM today. I called BHphoto at 4 and they were closed......uh? Hrs. were 9 to 2. Checked their hours and they are closed on Saturday too. Open on Sunday. Open on Mon-Thur 9 to 7. This is in NYC. Oh well,'s gain. Free shipping and no tax.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Broke and I Broke It, My Wacom Tablet Pen

I was taking my laptop to the bedroom so I could work on my photo files, needed to do some clean-up. While carrying it on a tray I had placed my Bamboo pad and pen on the tray too. I thought I had the pen caught between the computer and my left hand. While moving down the hall I heard the sound of something hitting the floor flatly. It was my Bamboo pen. Didn't think anything of it until I got everything hooked up and back on and then I found that the nib end didn't work but the eraser did.

Well this put a somewhat long hold on my file cleaning. I started Googling  eraser end works on my pen only" and I found a how to fix pretty quick. I needed to take the pen apart. Yes it does come apart with some persuasion. I found that it works with two coils that are very small and very very fragile. Wacom should have this in their literature somewhere. Everyone drops a pen or pencil and as you use the Wacom tool you start to feel as if you have a regular pen in you hand, well almost.

The video showed and other postings told how to fix the issue. Super Glue! This is something that I am usually very good at. I have used number 1 (thin) to number 3 (think, a kicker is used to set this one) many times but this time I had to buy some at Ace Hardware but I had no idea as to the viscosity and I ended up with thin.

I put the nib back in to lineup the sleeve and coil. I used a pair of angle needle nose pliers to grip the two pieces as they needed squeezed for thirty sec. I held the pen, actually just he exposed circuit board and coils, over the Bamboo pad and saw the pointer move. As I turned the piece over to check the alignment and gluing I noticed the back side had a gap in it. I tried to squeeze this back together and move the nib. I was afraid the nib had come in contact with the glue. It had and as I tried to pull the nib and save the parts the coil slipped from the needle nose. Bottom line, project was lost. Glue got on the sleeve ends which caused them to become insulated. Pen became useless.

The pen cost....$25 to $30 with no shipping fee online. Wacom's price $30 + shipping $5. I'll be buying it online, Walmart even carries it. I will also do a reply back to Wacom's tech support, where they said they don't repair the pens but would be glad to sell me one, asking them to think about labeling how fragile these pens are.

In this picture you can see how thin the wires are that make up the coil. If I had gotten this to hold I could have done like they do on motors and transformers by laying a thin film of glue on the coil and it would become a very durable pen, forever.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Septembers Monthly Posting

Normally I have put only one picture up to show the seasonal changes going on as well as the change in the angle of the sun in the morning. Here you can see the sun is still north of the imaginary center line looking east. I use the tower out in the distance as my reference point.

I have used two shots this month to indicate the timing of morning or evening shots. It only takes a few minutes for "the shot" to be gone due to lost lighting or color. These two pictures were taken 13 minutes apart. The sun went from behind the pine trees to just above them. Moments later and the sun would become an issue and filters would be needed if you couldn't the the brightness down enough.

There are only 3 more shots to be taken and then I think I will do a composite of all and post them like a review.