Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden Update Again

Well, with the advice of a friend I now have fruit coming on the tomatoes and peppers. He recommended I get some Blossom Set. I did and I spayed twice. I now have lots of each coming on. I had the flowers but no end result. This is a cucumber that had set awhile back, it is a bush type plant for compact areas. They only get about 5 to 6 inches.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gone fishing

This is Shannon, one of our neices. We went fishing at Caesar's Creek Reservoir yesterday. The water was high and moving very fast below the damn. Not until we were done and I was showing her some of the other parts of the lake did we find better places to fish. We each caught one Bluegill. Next time we go we are going to take a bucket to bring them home alive and put them in the pond. They, along with the frogs that have shown up, will be good for bug removal.
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Friday, June 13, 2008

New Layout

Well, I broke down and decided to rearrange the garage layout. First was deciding to paint the concrete edge of the foundation. Thought I could keep it cleaner if painted. After using only abut a quart or less it was recommended to paint the floor from the front wall out to the first relief crack. This is about 360 square feet. Paint can says it is good for 250 to 400 sq. ft. I painted it and still have 1/3 of a gallon left. Used Behr concrete paint....good stuff. I didn't use the bonding agent so I could be unhappy with myself if it comes up. Cindy and I decided to rearrange the layout so at about 7:30 this morning, in order to beat the heat, we started putting things back and in a different fashion. Definitely works better and makes the garage look larger. This gets things away from the cars too, big deal to me. Next will be to paint the rest of the floor out to the door.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Wild Life

We have had two families of ducks this year in the pond. This is the original one the other came and left. This one started out with 14 and now only has 8. The other one had 7 and the last we saw of her there were only 3 or 4. We sat feeders out and as you can see the mother knows exactly where to go to get food.

We have had a Herron flying over several time and today it decided to land and check out the conditions.

We were being overtaken by Geese but I noticed one night that they don't like a flashlight put on them. The next night I took a laser level and put that on them. If you hit their eyes they get real bright and reflective. Doesn't seem to phase them. In fact you can put the light pretty much anywhere on them and they don't notice it. Another one next to them might but that isn't always the fact. Let the darn dumb bird get in the water and it is another story. Put the red dot next to them and I guess they thank it's a snake or something about to get them. The apparently don't like to fly at night so the will hop about 5' up into the air and maybe fly 10 to 15' away from the spot. I chased 23 of them one night, keep them hopping and moving until they did leave. This group showed up again in the morning when it was cloudy so the light would still work. First they landed, swam by the house and stared. Then the light came out and they left. Haven't seen them since. Maybe just luck but I think I have warning radar setup now. Of course there is always the chance that one morning I will get up and there will be hundreds of them or I will find they did a fly over and were on a bombinb mission.

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Garden update

As you can see, the square foot garden is producing well. Learning a lot this year as to how to space and replant etc. Even have a mini mulch area started.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garage wall update

I am ever so close to being done with the front wall. I put the first coat on the Yellow Vette today. Wasn't sure if it was going to override the wall and other cars or not, it doesn't appear to. I have cleanup to do also then the garage floor. Still thinking of the checkered flag or gray with car colors by nationality in the middle. More than likely it will be one color.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Garage wall

Well, I have changed the location of the Corvette. I did it Saturday with the help of the wife. It is her idea as well. It gives more balance to this wall with the cars looking at each other instead of having the LeMans banner in the corner. The banner will go where the Vette was going to be. I will try to finish the black part of the Vette and the other two sections Monday before I attempt the coloring of the Corvette. It is going to be yellow so it should stand out anymore than the rest of the cars with their minimal colors. If I thought I could do it justice I would paint it Magnetic Red but I just don't have that talent, not that there is any on the walls as it is. Don't stand too close and don't blow up the pictures for detail or you will be sadly disappointed. I am trying to clean that part up.
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