Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Dad

This is a picture of our dad. He was a navigator on a converted C135 used for tracking space shots from Cape Canaveral. Prior to this he was in SAC (Strategic Air Command) where he flew on B-52's and before that B-36's and before that B-29's. As a B-52 flier he was the bombardier, could function as the navigator and the ECM position (electronics for the plane).

There is commercial on TV where a kid puts his dads helmet on. It reminds me of when my dad brought his gear home, flight boots, suit, parachute and helmet and leave them at the back door as he was on alert. My brother and I would put his helmet on and try to walk in his boots.  We were stationed at Loring AFB, Caribou, ME. at the time and the "Cold War" was pretty hot at the time. Regular exercise at school was hit the floor and get under your desk, like that was going to stop the bomb. 

We didn't get to see our dad much during those times. He was in the air waiting for the command to fly a one  way mission to Europe with weapons readied, fortunately this never happened, or in a bunker on base or asleep at home after flying for many hours. By the time the Cold War had settled down and he got out of SAC my brother and I had gotten older and started to find our interests in the world of friendships and activities. This is true no matter what your parents do. When you're young you want them and their attention but they are busy trying to make their way in their jobs so you can have everything you want or think YOU need. He would be 91 today and there are so many things I don't know about him.

He was a veteran and he was our dad

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spider Webs

It is amazing how spiders keep building their webs in the same place overnight after you knock them down. Only ones we really knock down are those up on the deck. The ones in the yard stay, they capture those pesty nats at night along with mosquitoes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

1/2500 VS 1/500

Right out of the camera except for the watermark.



Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Bad For A Messed Up Shot

I was going for depth of field and got my f~stop set wrong. I liked the shot anyways.