Saturday, November 22, 2008

Congress, the auto industry and the American way

You know, what congress is asking for from the auto industry is good but it should have been done when they ggave the 700 billion to the stinking financial and insurance guys that are blowing their gifts of cash on parties, not once or twice but real multiple times. STILL, no one is held accountable either in those companies or congress for that money. That's because they have egg on their faces. Yet, the auto industry can't even get a few million without deep interrogation and finger pointing. I wonder, how many of those in congress own an American car. They keep blasting the quality, hell, they don't know the quality. GM itself is above many foreign autos now in quality. The days of buy it on Saturday and take it back on Monday for warranty issues are long gone. Toyota just had a recall. Has anyone paid attention?

Congress is like so many people and they are just people. They rallied around an issue and almost 100% at the time were in favor of the action to be taken. Some since, have stood back and wondered or even denied being part of it. NOT enough questions were asked at the time. I'm glad and proud to say that no matter how many pictures Colon Powell showed me of some image and said it was a manufacturing facility, I didn't believe it. I didn't have x-ray vision. You have obviously guessed what I am talking about by now. The Irag war. Well, now Congress wants to ask questions but approx. a month ago when they became the cash cows for the financial and insurance groups, they, in all their wisdom couldn't stop and ask questions. Now that they have been taken for some sort of a ride they are going to ask questions and rightfully so, but... Time is of essence. GM, Ford and Chrysler need to get off their butts and give the real answers.

By the way, GM has more hybrids in it's stable than anyone I do believe. Have you looked at the American auto line up of small cars today and what is coming out? Go buy a magazine and read; Automobile, Auto Weekly, Road & Track and many more. Have you looked at the size of the foreign autos and checked out their mpg? This is NOT an auto industry issue as to why but an American issue as to wanting the BIG vehicle. Size, horsepower and torque.......the American way.

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moneythoughts said...

Butch, I made an automotive comparison between the financial markets and bond ratings and the gas engine and the distributor cap. Hope you get a chance to read it. Knowing you are a gearhead I thought you might get a kick out of my attempt.