Saturday, September 12, 2009

Responses to the project

Well, I have had only two responses to the question of "what is it" on my project. My daughter and my friend Gene's wife. The first was a bird house and the second was an addition to my above ground square foot gardening project. The answer to both is, no.

I gave hints on FaceBook but probably only the daughter will have any luck with them. The first is; I had two of these. The second is one of them was useful in my hobby of radio control flying.

Gene had a plane, never got it off the ground, but the point is he would have needed one if he really got into the flying thing. He flew my plane one time. When you fly at a designated field you are suppose to stay out in front of the pit area over the field. Gene likes to use all the air space he can so instead of flying left to right and back or up and down in elevation changes, he used the 360 degree method. You stand still and turn and turn and turn and turn until the plane is again back over the field. He did real good for his first time.

Well, getting back to the project I will say this as another hint. There are 6 larger pieces in the photo. Of these, two are very similar. Of the remaining four, they are similar but only two are exact which leaves two that there is some sort of difference. Of these two I made an alteration yesterday when I was sanding and assembling it. Also, one of these pieces, the one altered, incorporates the four real small look alike pieces. One last thing, I still need to purchase one very critical part.

Maybe a picture will show up tomorrow as another hint.

Only two guesses tells me I'm really watched, lol.

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