Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is this little guy confused/

It is bleak and dreary out today.  The weatherman is calling it a winter storm.  It takes 8" of snow to make 1" of rain water so would this be a spring or summer storm if it produced this meager 1".  I think not.  It is more the panic mode the news needs to set up its viewers to stay tuned. 

You have your county map on your TV screen along with the scolling weather elert at the bottom.  On some channels you even have these two along with the closings listed.  They are posted there until, hell, I don't know, until someone makes the decision to take them down.  You know the school and church is closed by 9 PM but at 1AM they are still posting it.

So, here in the mid-west, the southern part of Ohio, we are having a typical bleak winter day and in just a couple of minutes we will be getting an hour and a half, that's right 1.5 hours, of intense media coverage of the snow storm with all the accidents, closings, precipitation reports from all over the viewing area along with the pictures that are sent in by their viewers.  Funny thing here is on one of the last occassions of them asking for pictures they showed one and it had a time and date stamp on it from two years ago.

Well, here's looking out my window this morning.  The Robin was in my courtyard feeding of a bush with small purple berries.  Funny how these birds are here all year long but seem to only be noticed in the warmer months.

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