Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh What A Day Makes In The Ohio Valley

Last 4 days we had upper 50 to lower 60 degree weather.  Today.....the cold has returned.  The day opened in the uper 20's and will open tomorrow the same.  But, it is suppose to climb into the mid-fifties by afternoon. 

Yesterday I posted the shots of the Pussy Willow shrub next to our house.  A week earlier I did the same thus I am showing its progression to summer. 

There is s commercial on TV where a man and wife are standing inside and watching the kids shovel the snow.  The wife says something about the weather and the guy says it's cold out, that he isn't going out there.  Well, same here.  It's cold out so I took the picture through the window.  Poor shot but I stayed warm.

You can't see it but I-675 is out below the tree line and was moving at this point at this location.  Just a few minutes later it was at a stand still for a wreck to the north about 4 or 5 miles in my best guess.

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