Friday, April 8, 2011

I Did It

If a really good opportunity and or a really good deal comes along I find it very hard to pass it up.

I got a notice from Adobe about PS5 being available for 66% off list and if I wanted Lightroom 3 I could get it for 30% off. Only stipulation was the buying of both together. I had until 4/4/11. I procrastinated up to the very end. I really hate spending money but on Sunday, the 3rd, I tried to go online and buy them. Got an error that said it couldnt' take my code that was given so I tried to call the Adobe Store. They were closed so I contacted support and they confirmed that they wouldn't be open until 5 AM PST. He said no problem, the special pricing was good until mid-night. Monday morning at 5 AM PST I was on the phone. Placed my order and was told 7 to 10 business days. Two hrs. later I got a FedEx tracking number and then again that evening I got another. Yesterday, not 10 minutes apart, two FedEx trucks dropped off two orders from Georgia. One Lightroom 3 and one PS5. I'm a happy camper. Now the learning curve.

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Sequim Daily Photo said...

I'm glad you got in on the deal :-)