Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Apple Grill

Below is the menu for the Red Apple Grill, circa 1942 and earlier. Clifford L. Apple was the owner/operator and passed away in December of 1942. He was my wife's grandfather.  The Red Apple Grill was located at the intersection of SR 4 and SR23 south west of Marion, OH.  Today this intersection is a double lane highway interchange.  He had two professions, the Grill and he was an over the road driver.  He drove for CCC Trucking, Cleveland~Columbus~Cincinnati. I have some of his route logs showing what he made for a trip.  It wasn't much as you will see when I get them ready to post.  I also have a monthly budget ledger he and his wife Myrtle (May) kept. 

Not sure what the Price Clerk thing is at the bottom of the second page with the 1944 date.  Can't ask the question as both the of the grandparents have passed on as well as all four daughters he and May had.

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