Monday, January 9, 2012

Slip -N-Slide

 Okay, we get a little snow with rain before hand. We have a round-a-bout or traffic circle on the road behind us. It is a four way yield where there is more confusion than knowledge of the laws of the road. These drivers don't understand that a quick right/left turn on a slick road do not go together. Some go through here everyday and some live in the neighborhood. Some think traction control and a vehicles name mean "I can do anything" like the Mercedes Benz you will see here. Next time I'm setting up the video camera.

Seventh picture down looks like the people in the car are looking up the HE is catching some flack now.. I told you to slow down.

1 comment:

Birdman said...

hahahahaha YOU had a prime spot to watch the demolition derby.