Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Early Visit

Today we had an early visitor to the pond next to our home. It looked like it is a young Heron but that didn't stop it from being an excellent fisherman. I know they don't really leave the area but it is unusual to see one here this early.


Anonymous said...

That is some pretty neat photography, Butch. I like every one of the shots. I guess you must live in Florida? I mean it has been warm here the past few days but I never see a Heron around here. Or a golden eagle. I keep telling my wife I expect one of them will land here one of these days. There are several along the Stillwater River that have been in that area for several years now.

Anonymous said...

I returned to say that the link in your sidebar is to one of the sites I no longer have due to all my problems. You have abrahamlincolnsblog and it should be now and I also started a bird portrait blog on wordpress but only have two pictures on it. So is where the birds are being reposted at. It takes a while for me.

Butch said...

No Abe, I'm right here in Kettering. I use to live right up the street, in a sense, from you in Brookville. Follow Arlington Rd. north to Blank Rd on the northside of Phillipsburg~Verona Rd. I built the house at 8484 Blank.

I remember when the library in Brookville was almost your neighbor and I use to use Benkens Hardware after the one in P'burg closed.

As far as the Heron goes, we get Bitterns, Egrets, Blue Herons, a huge hawk (pics in earlier postings) and lots of ducks and geese. I will adjust my following link, thanks.