Sunday, May 13, 2012

House and Barn

We go by this place on our way to Lebanon, OH or on down to Loveland when we visit our daughter. We always see these types of homes in need of repair, usually paint, and wonder why someone would let them get in this condition. I have no idea as to how much land goes with this property, maybe very little in comparison to what it had in years past. Obviously it isn't a working farm today. The fence is in need of help, you wouldn't want to take a chance of keeping a horse or cow there. The barn and other out buildings are also decaying with time, right along with the home. It's possible that the buckboard (the original pickup truck) wagon in the yard is in better shape than the barn. Actually it's a manure spreader if you look real hard when enlarging the picture.

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Michelle said...

We have this type of situation in my community. Often times family has inherited the farm, without any notion of repairing/maintaining the buildings. sad