Sunday, August 12, 2012

Persied Meteor Shower

Up until 2AM and only seeing three meteors was discouraging to say the least. Those that I saw were never in the view of my camera. Issue for me was Dayton and Kettering, OH lights as well as a mall called the Green that isn't much more that maybe a mile or so to the north. There was some haze in the air from earlier clouds. The meteors were to come from the north north east so that horizon was pretty well lit up by man.

Anyway, I got this airline some 5 miles up I would guess. It's traveling west to east.

Jet in bottom (west) headed to the top of frame (east).

Leaving the top of the frame.

Going left to right in middle of frame. Small super high clouds whisking by.

Headed towards destinations unknown.

Not sure how far one can see at night but I am impressed with the little lights on these planes. He is a long ways off.

Side marker of a Citation Jet (CJ).

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