Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wooden Toys

We recently had a neighbor move out. They were a nice young couple but were outgrowing their home. They had one little boy and just had another. I have decided to surprise them by making a couple of cars out of wood. There are no moving parts and nothing can be broke off.

Two fenders a body and 6 wheels roughed out, all with the use of a coping saw.

 You can see the roughed out wheels and two more drawn out behind them. The Dremel tool has an endmill type of tool that I used to start the shape of the wheels by plunging it into the wood and holding it as steady as possible to keep everything square.

Great tool. Keeps cutting and sanding down to an acceptable level. 

Keeping the wheels round and all the same size with the tools at hand is the biggest task. A lathe would have been real nice. I once had a boss that would tell me anyone can do it with the right tool, takes a real craftsman to figure out how to do it with what he has to work with. I'm sitll trying to get to know that craftsman. Simple thing is, I just enjoy it. Oh, and the Thin Cut disc on top of the wheels is my template.

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Michelle said...

They will, no doubt, treasure these cars forever. Wonderful of you to take the time to create them.