Saturday, February 2, 2013

Limitations, Thank Goodness for Good Neighbors

It's always good to have good neighbors anytime, however, as you get older and restricted on your abilities either through your own knowledge of your limitations or those of a doctor it becomes even more important at certain times of the year. This is mine. About half my age, boy do I wish I was back there, and no restrictions. Just so you know, I'm not that old, at least that what it says in my bio but there are a couple of doctors and the boss who say I have limitations.



Michelle said...

I have been the recipient of a good neighbor's deeds before myself. Nothing like the generous spirit of human nature.

the boss said...

he's the best

Anonymous said...

We have had our driveway cleared off by friendly neighbors. I used to clean off mine and then go down to the corner and clear off all the two drives between us and the corner. Nowadays I am not allowed to clean off my own. But I have one neighbor who has used his truck and snow blade pull the snow plowed across the end of the drive by the city. That is always a big help. Now, our youngest daughter and granddaughter live with us and our daughter cleans our driveway off. But Patty will do it using the snow blower or plow that throws the snow through a chute to wherever you direct it.