Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Digital Darkroom

As time passes I build upon my digital darkroom, making my work flow better and easier. At first I started with the L shaped desk so I could have the desktop  and laptop computers available, sometimes at the same time. Now I even set my iPad up with the other two with I get real busy in cleaning up files and space.

I was using a closet to store my stuff in because I just couldn't decide on which bookcase I wanted or the style. Finally I found this at Target. Helped me keep in a budget. They make a 6 hole case but I have a strange angled wall that the 4 hole cabinet just fit in. Then I needed another table for my printer which would allow me to clear desk space so I also got the 2 hole cabinet.  I picked out 4 bins so I wouldn't just be throwing stuff on a shelf and a place to store printer paper.

I have Joe DiMaggio watching over everything and my two favorite cars, Porsche/Ferrari, sitting and waiting to take me where ever I may need to go and lastly the tools I need to make my camera work properly. Darn camera just doesn't know how to work without some help.

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