Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Super Moon Shots

 This was the first night of the Super Moon, Saturday.  We had rain and clouds all day.  I wanted a lower angle but it wasn't to happen and yet, I still like this one.  A little errie.......  There is an earlier post of the moon where the moon got above the clouds, the sky cleared off nicely.  It was moments after this shot.

This shot and the others below were taken on Sunday night when we still had a 98% moon.  I liked this one because I have the moon through the trees.  Also to note here is that it is a tad over an hour later on the second day thus the sky is darker and the sky had a better chance to clear off.  Weather was better on Sunday. 

No editing at all here.  Right out of the camera other than the canvas size (border) and watermark (name).  I tried other things in editing like opening the exposure to see if I could get light on the trees but just didn't like it.  In hindsight I might drop the canvas size.

I moved to another location to get a tree in my yard in the picture.  The moon is more to the left of the notch of the tree line out in the distance.  As you can see, the sky was almost perfect with just enough clouds to give reflections etc.

I took over 50 shots and am still processing them in my likes and discards.

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Michelle said...

Really fine work on these shots.