Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Fall Trip To Get Apples

Not many left at this time of the year.  This is Irons Fruit Farm, a cooperative that sets up in farmers markets throughout this area of Ohio.  At the main farm they also have the corn maze, some animals for the kids and hay rides.

On the way home we took another route and from a distance I could see the top of this barn coming into view.  It was a chance shot because I wasn't driving and we didn't really slow down.  A little more to the left and the wife's face, or at least her nose, would have had to been cropped out.

We are in the first of two 90 deg. turns after passing the barn.

After going through the second of the 90 degree turns we came to a canopy of trees.  There were maybe 4 homes on the left side of the road and a huge corn field on the right.  There is a 45 degree to the left up ahead that leads to Oregonia Road, runs kind of east west, that leads from Lebanon, OH to Oregonia, OH.  It's famous for the Golden Lamb Inn.  Many of presidential hopefuls and winners have stopped here to give a speech.

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Michelle said...

You really captured some beautiful pictures on your apple outing.