Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our Friday Snow Fall (Storm)

The weather people here just love to be in the spot light.  These shots are from this past Friday.  We got about 5 inches and they seem to love asking viewers to send in their pictures as well as sending their reporters out to sit in their vehicles clear up to the 11 o'clock news.  All one has to do is look outside to know what is going on.

We have another 5 inches coming today.  They are more prepared this time.....  The plan is to NOT interrupt the playoff games so they are giving updates every hour and NOT running the scroller at the bottom of the screen about the closings.  Again, They reported on it during every news time and all I have to do is look outside.  We were to get rain, then ice, then snow.  Well it didn't track the way they thought so the breaks haven't been so frequent and it has pretty much been raining all day.

It's winter people, get over it.  We could live in Bangor or Caribou, ME or up on the Dells of Wisconsin or Duluth, MN.

 Afternoon Shot

Night Shot

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