Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Shadowy Figure

No, that's not me.  Fourth to fourth-five years ago you would have found me climbing around the rafters of General Motors, Hobart Bros. etc.  Getting up there was simple, grab a beam, put your feet in the webbing and start pulling yourself up.  Once you were at I-beam level the next part was getting up and over the beam so you could stand up and walk the rafters.  GM's posts were 32' one way and 30' the other direction between the posts.  Height was 30' up.  I-beams ran post to post and on the diagonal you would have 3" x 3" angle iron.  Great but narrow walk ways for cutting corners if you needed to get o the other side.

This is my neighbor.  He's finishing off his pergola roofing....almost in the dark.  It stands 14' plus and is accessible with a ladder.  It's pretty massive....12" x 12" cedar posts.

I miss rhose days, they were fun and satisfying accomplishment wise.  Today, I just act my age and stay on the ground, working like what's referred to as a grunt.  I hand things up to those that are younger and more agile.

Way to go Chris.....

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