Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Police Car That Triumphs

I went to the British Car Show today, hadn't been for a couple of years and found this gentleman.  Quite the character but very friendly and informative at the same time.  This is all his work and I must say it looks good.

I will be putting more cars up later.  I just couldn't resist putting this one out there.  One thing about a car guy....ask about their ride and they will talk.  First guy we talked to, my neighbor went with me, bent our ear for about 30 minutes all while he kept detailing his Triumph 250, the upgraded TR4.

Jag's, Triumph's, Mini's (old and new), MG's, Sunbeam's (Tigers and Alpines) plus a few that slipped in of the "other makes".

I also learned that there is a one of the kind in the country British Transportation Museum in Dayton so now there is a Porsche museum and a Packard museum as well.

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