Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll get it right one of these days

These pictures were taken during the re-do of the kitchen. We started the night before prepping the walls and going out and getting the new light fixture to replace the drop down type. The next morning I started cutting in the corners at about 9 AM. Shortly after noon we broke and went out to get something to eat. We didn't stop until about 7 PM to take a shower so we could go out to eat for dinner. Got home around 9 or so and started putting everything back together. Finished up around 11 or a little later. Just had to put switch and receptacle covers back on. Now all we have to do is put crown molding up on three of the walls. We don't want to put it up over the sliding door out the back. Just don't think it would look good. Also, we may put up chair mold where the table is sitting next to the wall. If so then we will do something with the lower part of that wall, light paint, vaux finish, lines, just not sure.

Pics will be put up as it is done.


Steph said...

Very nice! Those are some tall walls to paint!

Butch said...

Did you get the Photo Story thing I sent with Frankenstein music in the background? I tried to post it here but they only use two formats and that isn't one of them.

Been looking at Porsches this AM and listening to the 29 of the Rascal's songs. Time for lunch. Have to finish taxes this afternoon. Yuck!