Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The picture of the sump pump is going to change. It will have a back-up pump system added soon. Very soon. The pump is running at 1 minute 10 second cycles currently. I don't know what the duty cycle on the pump is in the pit but this is a lot of cycle time on most pump. Of course it can't be installed completely as of right now because I have to tie into the discharge pipe but if I get everything ready, which I know I can, I can cut in and have the pipe back togethre before it actually has to run. There is some room for time since the water level would have to come up another foot or so in the pit. Biggest thing is to get the water in the verticle part of the pipe, then make two cuts for a "Y" fitting and then make a cut on a joining pipe from the backup pump. Piece of cake. Of course that is what I always say and some unknown thing pops up. I figure by tomorrow the pumping will have subsided because the rains are suppose to die off. We are going from 50 degree weather today to 9 degrees on Sunday. Yesterday it was suppose to be 18 on Sunday....who knows in Ohio! Gotta call the ole buddy Geno, might need a second set of hands. WE installed the sink in the garage that the builder didn't want to do. Hot and cold. NOOOOOO problem there.

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Steph said...

yay a post!
good luck on the plumbing...pray to the plumbing gods...we all know how those pesky pipes can cause problems!