Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plants in

The question is did I plant too soon. May 15th, last frost. I'll just cover them if need be. Top picture you can see the Better Girl tomato plant. Then down the left side is the chives and the a patio tomato that is just stuck in the ground for the time being and to its righ is a pair of banana pepper plants and then to the righ of the that near the side board are two plantings of Bush pickle cuccumbers. You can see the 4 types of lettuce is coming along, two types of radishes and my green onions are doing just great. Cindy bought 2 more pounds yesterday. Love having a basement, they keep real well in the dark and coolness of the basement.

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Steph said...

i expect overflow bounty!

Butch said...

Covered tonight and will again tomorrow night for the cold. Flowers on the peppers and tomatoes. I could have an early harvest if the weather turns warm again as they say.