Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to gardening

The box is 8' x 4' x 9" deep. Bottom left corner and two feet to the right, or half way to the right has 45 green onions planted. This space will hold in the future, two types of tomatoes, mixture of lettuce, banana peppers, radishes - red and white,and a bush type cuccumber or two. Built the frame Saturday, leveled it by digging around the edges on Sunday and put 20 - 40# bags of top soil and 3 - 40# bags of manure in today along with the onions. For recognition, Gene helped Saturday and it was all Cindy and myself today.
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Steph said...

Oooh! exciting!
I might be planting some peppers in the little planter area in front of the garage... just no time for a garden this year I don't think. But I like the idea of a grid garden.

Butch said...

Good idea, lots of sun, just water. Small areas yield lots of rewards sometime.