Thursday, July 3, 2008

Deck Extension

What started out as an extension to the deck to get the big-ass grill out of the way at a cost of $115 turned into a cost overrun of about another $100. I was going to reuse railing material from the extension back to the house like it had been and would have only needed enough to go outwards, 36" each side. Instead of this and after the extension was built we added a set of stairs. Now we don't have to go off the front of the deck and walk around the deck to get to the hose. The only thing I have to do now is figure out what I am going to do with the landscaping in the stair area. This is quite a slope and hard to handle so I need to level it and am thinking of pavers. The stairs are 5' across so you can see the pitch in the 6" riser. I also have to finish the railing and I plan on putting a lift of opening in the side with the gas bottle, much easier to change it out when it is about waist high. No more getting down on ones knees and have to set the bottle in in an awkward position.

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Gene said...

Butch You did a great job on the stairs and the trim on the deck extension. It looks like a carpenter and not a wire bender and a grunt did that job. We have found the business to get into I think NOT !!!!!

Butch said...

Are you kidding? I can't move.

Steph said...

Wow that looks really good! I really like that the stairs are off the side. Now the deck doesn't seem as "cage-like".

Butch said...

Steph, your good with pavers, want to come up and put some down sometime? Just kidding, not sure what to do yet except the hill has to go and a flat spot needs to be where you step off the last step next to the house. Hate working in the humidity and don't have to, I'm RETIRED. It'll be done in a couple of weeks, you know me. I won't let the grass grow under foot.

In the mean time, I am offering map reading lessons.