Thursday, July 17, 2008

Garage floor re-work

Well, if the walls can look good then I figure the floor must too. It isn't a hard job, just a time consuming task. Started on Monday and finished today, Thursday. The gray part was already painted with a one part epoxy. The blue section which is where the cars park is about 2/3's of the garage. It was acid etched and bonded then painted with a two part epoxy. We mixed the two parts and let it sit like the instructions said. Then I started to go around the parimeter of both sides of the garage, along the gray floor part and the entrance area. Next I started to roll the paint onto the floor in 3 x 3 foot areas and Cindy sprinkled the flakes. I noticed pretty quickly that I was having trouble rolling and that the roller didn't want to stay on the mechinism. You are suppose to have about a two hour work time but I could see this was not the case. It was hot and very humid and the mixture was getting hot which
meant it was working. I wasn't a quarter of the way through and was beginning to believe I wasn't going to make it. I changed rollers once and that helped a little. With a lot of effort I made it through the first gallon. I had Cindy
start the second gallon mix about the time I was finishing the entrance area so it had only sat for about 30 minutes. When I started rolling it I could tell a difference right away. The rest of the job has been a piece of cake. There are
two coats of clear high gloss on both of the colors and it went on like water. We plan on doing the basement floors in
the workshop and the storage areas and will in all probability cover it with the clear. Gives a nice showroom effect.
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