Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get in Trouble and Get Away With It

I just have to write something about the girls crossing a countries sovereign borders on a personal mission (sponsored by a former VP of the US) and then the news media covering their release like they are somebody. They were in the wrong and the media is in the wrong for making a big issue of their return. Cameras over the Clinton private jet sitting at the gate. Luggage being unloaded. Many people going in and out, carrying lots of bags. Then the family going in to see the ladies.

Did I watch this, no, I got a little help from the wife or I could hear it and I did see a little while passing from the coffee pot to the computer. If this warrants coverage and a lot of money for it then why is there hunger in the world. How many people could be fed if these dollars were spent more wisely.

If they, the media, want to cover this then do an in depth on how they got there and why. Remember, Lisa Lings sister is one of them and she admitted to Lisa that they didn't cross unknowingly of where the border was. More importantly, why were they there and who sent them? Who is paying for their release? Did Clinton pay the cost of the flight to North Korea? How about all the staff that went along. Yea, I would get Clinton on board like Gore did, especially if I had anything to do with them being there.

Why are these two individuals anymore important than the hikers that were caught in Iran? Who in the hell takes a hiking trip over there anyways. Vacation my ass. How about those that are in Mexican jails for whatever reason. Guilty or not, looks like it doesn't matter since these girls have admitted guilt. Is it really who you know that gets you help when you need it?

I guess we could get Bill to start traveling the world getting people out of trouble. Give him a mission in life.

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