Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halos and the sun

Just some halo effects of the sun as it came from behind a cloud.  This was taken in RGB Standard color.  ISO was 100 with camera in full manual.  Partial metering witht the f-stop at F20 and shutter at 1/200.  The image became a b/w or sepia looking due to the intensity of the sun.  I believe it was taking at approx. 9:30 AM.  Using the program GIMP, I unmasked the picture, then sharpened it and then played around with lots of effects until I came upon the lens menu.  The bright spot on the lower left corner started in the upper left.  There is a couple of cross hairs that you move infinitely until you get what you want.  I had an earlier posting of the sun coming up with a bright white spot in the clouds, that one was not touched up. I still believe that it was a reflection of some sort as the sun had not crested the horizon.

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