Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Range For a Lense

I just love my new Tamaron lense.  The flexibility of range is great and the ease of use for the amature is great also. 

It has been written that you see shadows and blur at corners in certain conditions with the lense set at different focal lengths.  Again, for the amature, to me, this is not going to be an issue.  I don't set my subjects up with special lighting, at least not yet.  From what I have read, being mounted on a Canon EOS XTi is the best thing for this lense. 

I have here, two sets of pictures that have not been doctored except for the rock shot and that one was trimmed to get some of the water out of the picture.  All pictures were taken from inside the house, around noon and in some various modes, ie shutter or aperature priority.  The water tower is at least a mile and a half away as the crow flies.  The ducks are about 450 to 500 feet or a football field and a half away.


Anonymous said...

I tried to find the kind of lens you got but only found the name.

I like what you have done with the camera and lens.

My camera and lens are listed on the banner at the top of my blogs. You had asked about the camera and lens used on My Birds Blog.

Butch said...

Here is the link to the Tamaron lense. The Click store near the Dayton Mall had a tent sale with vendors in house to talk to. I initially went it to get a 1.4 extender or to try to get a little better wide angle for close up car shots. I tried one out but the Click guy and I agreed that I needed something else. Next thing I knew I was inside and talking to the Tamaron rep. I had seen the site I have here so I already knew something about the lens. I have the same camera you have but he had it on a Nikon. He tried to get me to see the difference with the VC (vibration control) turned on by going to a shutter speed of 1/13 but I did real well. I'm not really seeing any difference with my camera either.

Bottom line is I really like the lense. You can read the website here and see that it covers a big area. No other lense, Canon or Sigma, cover this range. I don't think the weight is going to be that much to worry about. It has a lock to keep the lense from extending so you can run around like it is a fixed lense.

I had a 28-55 zoom (Canon) and a 70-300 telephoto (Promaster) that I was constantly changing. This caused me to carry a bag with the spare lense. Now, I can carry the bag and the camera but I don't have to have the bag with me or I can put a cold drink or something else I may need to carry in the bag also. Tamaron rep tried to get me into a single camera bag where you drop the camera in lense first. The lense comes with a cover/guard that protects the lens pretty well.

Take a trip to the Click store on 48 and Westbrook and try the lense out. The had a rebate on the lense when I bought mine, not sure if it is still on plus I got a discount through the store for the event I believe.

I love the lense and learn more about it all the time. It has opened my camera up to me.