Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Visitor To The Pond

Periodically we get a new visitor to the pond near our house.  Near isn't really the word.  It butts up to the property line and we weren't told about it when we built but after the spring thaw and rains, it isn't too bad.  We get to watch a lot of water fowl and other creatures.

Awhile back I had a white bird show up  that looked like a Blue Herron except it was white.  Smaller but I figured it could have been a young bird.  I sent another blogger, Abe Lincoln, who is an expert on birds the question as to what this bird was.  Turned out to be of the family of Herrons know as an Egrett.

Well, now I am at it again Abe.  This one showed up last night and has been around quite a bit.  I have more pictures if needed but I figure you will tell me it is too of the Herron lineage.  It is rather small and looks like it is carrying three colors.  A brown, a cream and a darker color that I am not sure of on its wings.  Notice the head feathers when it catches the fish.  You'll have to open the picture bigger to see what I mean.


Shantanu said...

Good pics. Would be happy to see lil close ups.

Anonymous said...

I am happy you looked it up as I would not just know which one it was. I never get to see any of these in my backyard. I say you did great to get it as some of these are spooky and will not pose for their portraits. So I have been told. Thanks for the visit.