Friday, June 11, 2010

Time For Car Shows

Title: Taj Krueze Car Show
Date: Saturday June 12, 2010
Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Carillon Park

John Dixon owns a Porsche Museum in Dayton, OH. It is available as a banquet hall so that you can end  the presence of these fine automobiles. I have other pictures posted in this blog. 

Every year there are a series of events that Mr. Dixon holds that lead up to this weekends car show. There is a wine tasting evening and a dinner / dance. There is a hot go-kart race on a boulevard where the streets are closed to traffic. Teams are formed with one or two drivers and pit crews. Prior to the car show there is a 100 mile drive that ends at the car show as it starts. All the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House at the local Children's Hospital.

I am including some shots of some of the past shows where I took pictures and some race shots as well as some of my favorite drivers and or hero's of the sport.


Here you will find my Porsche wanna-be, my garage done with airbrushing. This is something I have never done before. Still learning. Last is my best friends yellow Vette with a split window '63 overlay.


Shantanu said...

This is fantastic work of yours.! I like the garage. Want to ask you, which is the first car in your old pics? And the car show pics are too cool Feels like heavens' cars.

Butch said...

Shantanu, the first car in my old pics is a group, the two black and white (one 911 and the 356) along with the cream colored 356 ( owned by my dentist who is in his 80's) and then the exhaust system of the Ford GT ( Ford's replica car of the GT 40 that beat Ferrari at LeMans).

The racing shots werer taken at Mid-Ohio last August of the ALMS race and the one of the Porsche getting air under its wheels is at the Nuremburgring in Germant, but I didn't take it, I just think it is cool.

The beginning is of John Dixon's museum. I have more on this in my older posts. There are murals painted with cartoon characters and 1/2 of cars coming through walls.

If you don't mind reading car stuff, there is a good book, biography, about Mark Donahue called "The Unfair Advantage". His son David is racing in the Rolex Grand Am DP class (Daytona Prototype) series.

Glad you enjoy the pictures.