Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decembers Halfway Scenic Update

I realize that I didn't get the picture taken yesterday but I was laid up in the hospital for a procedure that had me there at 6 AM. I'm retired and had forgotten that there is such a thing as 6 AM. Seven in the winter is tough. That's why my pictures are taken at 8 or very close to it. I figure, no rush to get up when I'm not going out.

Big difference in the days of choice. Yesterday was sunny and today we had ourselves a small snow storm. It made the morning rush hour quite miserable for those that had to get out in it.

The whole intent of these pictures is setting the camera up on the same spot and shooting for the exact same, or as close as I can get with my knowledge of the day, picture for one year. It is to show how the scene out the east end of my house changes over time. Looking back in the archives will let the viewer see the change in color, weather and light. If I was ambitious enough I would probably get up earlier but then it would just be darker in most cases in the winter months.

Currently, if you look back at the 12/1 image you will see the sun coming up in the left hand side of the frame and as we go into the warmer months it will move to the left.

Today I took two shots. One in color but of course the color of snow is white and being such a heavy snow fall the sky is really dark. The snow turns orange with the sodium vapor street lights. The second picture is monochrome. I did this just to see if it looked any colder than the 17 degrees the weather people were reporting.

Canon EOS Rebel XTi, Tamron 18-270mm VC DiII lens.
Shutter 5 sec., Aperture 4.0, ISO 100, Exposure compensation -2, Focal length 35mm, White Balance is Daylight, Manual Focus and Picture Style is Landscape.

Same camera and lens.
Shutter speed 8 sec., Aperture 4.0, ISO 100, Focal length 35mm, shot in manual mode and Picture Style is of course Monochrome.

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