Monday, December 13, 2010

Poor Weatherman

I'm sure that everyone has one, if not more, weather persons that we all figure like to hear themselves talk. It is their moment of glory when some sort of weather disturbance comes into town.

It isn't like the weather is going to change in the next thirty minutes or even the next hour or so and yet, they stay on the airways. Interrupting the local and national programming to bring you the latest up to date information. Like I said, it isn't going to change very quickly.

This latest storm, and I use that loosely, pretty much came in like they said. Started with rain and turned to snow on just about the exact time frame they said it would. We even got the winds, although, I doubt we got exactly what they meant for us to get with their warnings of gusts from 30 up to 40 mph.

As usual, north of I-70, that all mighty line of concern in this area, it was a little more intense but then they usually get it north of here or anywhere else that has a north of here.

I have tried to do justice to a particular photo that I took this morning. This is after the snow (storm) started at about 6 AM Sunday morning. I have been able to make the trees in the distance look frosty. I took it in monochrome for a gloomy look and tried to highlight the sunny side of the image to show that there is light at the end of the storm.

I'm not belittling the weather people, I'm just saying do your job and report the weather. Don't give me a play by play of each and every street, road crew, snow flake or rain drop. I have windows as most people do and I can see what is going on.

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